Kevin Tims

Kevin Tims is a dentist with a difference. While the first half of his practicing career was based on performing conventional dentistry, later years have seen him pursuing a different path, using technology to preserve tooth structure.

His forte is enhanced dentistry using a microscope for the most accurate results and optimal gum health. He is the only dentist in the Bay using this instrument for this purpose. Procedures – ranging from a simple tooth whitening to a full cosmetic makeover to improve a smile – are all performed with tooth preservation in mind.

Kevin is committed to a movement in dentistry that uses scientifically proven protocols to reconstruct teeth to mimic nature. This Biomimetic dentistry centres around reproducing the internals of a tooth, and long-lasting cosmetic restorations are the end result.

At Virtuoso he is happy to be working with like-minded medical specialists all sharing an interest in minimally invasive techniques.

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